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Preventive Dentistry

Up For Some Routine Dental Check ups?

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Whenever you opt for any good dental insurance plan, whether its from the market or your employer, you are usually offered some basics oral check ups, cleaning and other services that aid in keeping your teeth in good health and condition! Preventive dental care can encompass anything ranging from regular flossing and brushing twice daily to eating a balanced diet for pursuing oral care! Lone Star Dental and Braces harbors the best preventive dentistry in Dallas TX that you can resort to for any kind of dental advice or check ups.

We here at Lone Star strictly adhere to the parameter set by the ADA (American Dental Association) for preventive dental care…

How many of these preventive measures have you adopted in order to maintain your smile?

Brushing at bedtime is a must

It is very important to get rid of the germs and plaque that accumulates in between our teeth throughout the day. So, brushing before slipping into your bed is indeed a noble habit for your oral health.

Clean your tongue too

Gently brush your tongue once, every time you brush your teeth because, plaque can build up in your tongue too, causing bad breadth or foul smell.

Use fluoride containing toothpaste

Research suggests that Fluoride has been tested to be most effective in fighting germs and prevent tooth decay. Therefore, fluoride tends to be even more important than whitening powers or flavors of toothpastes!

Floss once daily

Flossing is not only important for getting rid of the tiny bits of food from between the teeth gap, but stimulates your gums and keep them active. Even older people with arthritis who find it painful to floss should try to go for it, even if for a shorter duration.

Use a mouthwash

When flossing becomes too difficult or painful for any other dental issue, a mouthwash proves to be helpful in doing the job.

Treat your kids with hard-to-eat foods

First-time mothers are especially advised to treat their growing kids with a whole apple or guava, instead of slicing it into pieces! This would keep their jaws working and healthier.

Avoid sugary and acidic foods

Even eatables with a high sugar content turn acidic inside the mouth. This can adversely affect the teeth enamel by eroding it partly!

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