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Are you one among those several thousands, who dread any sort of dental intervention? If you are in and around Dallas, then sedation dentistry in Dallas TX is what you must be googling through. Sedation is that technique which allows you sit and relax in your chair when your are inside your dentist’s chamber.

So how is sedation administered to our patients?

Well, this completely depends upon the procedure you need to undergo based on your dental problem and the amount of anxiety that you tend to suffer from. At Lone Star, Dr. William Fiore, is well versed in administering 3 different types of sedation. Oral, IV or Inhaled sedation is given to the patients depending upon the degree of intervention required to fix a particular dental issue.

Inhaled Sedation - We make the patient inhale ‘nitrous oxide’. The dosage is monitored by our dentist and the sedation usually wears off easily not long after you are done with procedure. We see our patients walk back home comfortably after that.

Oral - We give you a pill (usually hailing from the valium family) that will simply make you sleepy! Sometimes, pills are punched in with some amount of laughing gas too, that works as a sedation agent.

IV - In intravenous sedation, the sedating drug is injected into the veins of the patient. Usually he/she needs some time to recover from the trance, even after the procedure is done.

Get in touch with our Lone Star Family

Maybe a child or rather some elderly member of your family needs an emergency dental care but is suffering from alarming levels of anxiety or dental fear. There is no cause of worry if you are searching the right destination for Sedation Dentistry in Dallas TX. Feel free to walk in to our Lone Star Dental & Braces dental office o avail benefits like:

  • Use of relaxation techniques like soothing music, anesthetic carpule warmers and warm blankets to make you comfortable
  • Multilingual staff, extremely amicable and cooperative with patients
  • Family dentistry where any member of your house can walk in to resolve their dental issues
  • Separate savings plan for uninsured people as well as those who have to incur out-of-the pocket costs

Reach us at (214) 247- 1616 to get briefed on both our financing options and the detailed treatment methodology to be followed for your particular case. If you are trying to zero in on options for sedation dentitry in Dallas TX, this is the best option for you to click on!

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