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Dental Implants


If you’re lost or missing a tooth (or several, or all of them!), Dr. Fiore recommends implant densitry. Dental implants not only secures the jawbone but also lock restorations in place giving you a bright and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Planning to go for a Dental Implant?

Lone Star Dental & Braces welcomes you to brief you on the same…

Googling through dental restorative procedures for your missing tooth? And zeroed in on ‘implants’? All you need to do, in the very first place is that, visit your dentist in Dallas TX, and find out why would you go for a dental implant at all?

Why chose a dental implant when you are at Lone Star ?

Implants are made of titanium. Therefore:

  • They fuse with the jawbone such that your implants don’t slip
  • They are fixed and hence don’t irritate you unnecessarily.
  • They do not cause any bone damage either
  • They are not required to depend upon any natural teeth for support

Steps for a dental implant at our dentistry

After determining upon the fact that you are the right candidate for an implant with healthy gums and adequate bone mass in the area of the procedure, it is ensured that you are fit for an implant surgery. After this, the necessary steps that follow are -


Considering the case of a single-unit implant, the affected tooth is removed or extracted first. This is done keeping in mind that the buccal plate and bone mass in the site surrounding the socket are intact.

Grafting the socket:

This is done such that the implanted teeth gets a strong base. After the extraction, any granular material is cleared off from the site using a fine surgical curette. The walls of this hollow are also often scrapped to initiate some amount of bleeding! After this, the socket is filled with some grafting material and the site is then allowed to heal.

Placing the implant:

Holes are drilled into the jawbone with the help of surgical interventions and the implants are posted there. There are two implants on either side of the empty area - they actually serve as your tooth roots! Being so, the implants are implanted deep into the jawbone.

Placing the abutment:

Abutment is the place where the crown will be finally attached. Abutments are usually attached to the implant posts and they just past the gum line such that they are slightly visible when you open your mouth.

Following this, your gum would require some time (about two weeks) to heal properly, before you go for the artificial tooth setting. Our dentist will offer you with two alternatives for your new artificial tooth - you might go for the fixed or the removable ones. If you prefer to have your teeth removed everyday, especially while cleaning and retiring to your bed you would go for the removable ones. However, in case you are a little more lazy, the fixed tooth would better serve your purpose!


While the costs of implants can be slightly more than commonly known alternatives like bridges or dentures, dental implants last way longer, sometimes for several decades. Its long lasting natures makes it the most demanding option among patients. Eager to know more information and costs involved? Get in touch with us today!

Can You Really Afford Dental Implants?

Relax! We understand that cost is a huge barrier for uninsured people in need of dental care. Our flexible financing options allows you to get your implants at the most pocket-friendly rates, possible.

If you would like to ask further questions about the Dental Implants procedure , call the Lone Star Dental & Braces in Dallas, TX to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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