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Crowns & Onlays

Crowns or onlays for your damaged tooth?

Got Chipped or Broken Teeth? Our Dentist will help you with an answer!

Precisely, onlays are pre-moulded tooth restorations that fits in place of a cavity. On the other hand, when the tooth has undergone too much damage to support a filling, an onlay or inlay is resorted to. But if the damage to your tooth is to such an extent that even these restorations do not get enough support, crowns evolve as your option.

What is an onlay?

When the moulded meterial (with which the inlays and onlays are prepared) covers more than one cusp, sometimes inclusive of the fissure area, it is known as an onlay. Contrarily, if the mould covers only the pits and fissures area, it is termed as an inlay.

When to choose crowns over onlays

Has it ever occured to you that a crown was unnecesarily recommended to you or any of your aquaintance by the dentist when you could just do with an onlay? Then you must know, when is a crown essential…

Although a crown is the more expensive restoration, it is often resorted to when:

  • There has been significant amount of occlusive wear and tear due to bruxism or teeth clenching
  • Caries that caused significant tooth damage.
  • You have moving tooth due to some periodontal disease demanding the need to almost rebild the entire tooth.
  • Any trauma has claimed a major portion of your tooth

In a nutshell, dental onlays are the last option before your dentist is bound to recommend a crown for your tooth. This is because -

  • Onlays require lesser amount of your original tooth removed, as compared to that of dental crowns
  • An onlay covers more than one or more cusp and therefore most of the biting surface [consider a molar for this]. Due to this onlays are often referred to as “partial crowns” and nearly serves the same purpose
  • When only a neglible amount of your original tooth is left, Crowns are applied as permanent restorations that are cemented onto the existing teeth to entirely cover or “cap” the damaged tooth!

In short, onlays precede the necessity for adapting crowns! Only in cases where onlays cannot help or is anot a feasible option, crowns come into play. At Lone Star Dental & Braces, your dentist in Dallas TX, will help you determine which restoration would be appropriate in your case.

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