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Orthodontics for a perfect smile at Dallas TX

A range of orthodontic procedures for you at Dallas TX

When you have malpositioned teeth, you need to resort to ‘orthodontics’ to diagnose, correct as well as prevent further misalignment. For malocclusions, your dentist at Dallas TX brings forth a number of orthodontic procedures. In short, it is the orthopaedics for your dental health and outlay.

Orthodontic treatment alternatives that we use at Lone Star Dental & Braces:


Braces are the most commonly used fixed appliances. They simply consist of wires or bands and brackets attached to them. To anchor the brackets to the front portion of the tooth wires are tied around the teeth. Generally we adjust the braces each month to arrive upon the desired results. Kids get a range of colorful braces to choose from!

Special Fixed Appliances

To control specific problems such as thumb sucking and teeth clenching, special wearable appliances are made in order to get them out of such habits. However, eating could seem a bit more difficult.


The fact that they are virtually invisible makes them one of the most preferred choice among orthodontic appliances. Moreover, they can be removed while eating, brushing or flossing and are without any sort of brackets and wires. Therefore, aligners make a perfect choice!

Space Maintainers

They are almost worn like braces. It fits over the the jaws with plastic or wire branches between some teeth to maintain the space between them intact.

Apart from these fixed and removeable ones, there are other choices for you too. So, if you are having issues with the structure or outlay of your teeth, seek the advice of Dr,. Fiore, your dentist at Dallas TX to decide upon which procedure would be best suited for you. Call us today at (469) 778-4723 or book an appointment online to schedule your visit at the earliest!

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