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When you are researching about dental veneers in Dallas, you are certainly working on the improvemnet of your facial esthetics. So, which of the following is your issue?

  • Stained or discolored teeth that have turned yellowish or brownish
  • Crack on a tooth on account of some accident
  • Small gaps between some teeth
  • Missalignment in teeth structure that might be inherent
  • Chipped teeth where a small portion goes missing

Veneers significantly work on all these minor issues and improve the appearance of your teeth, without much intervention of your dentist. However, few bad habits like teeth grinding and clenching badly damages veneers and might hamper its durability, even within a short period of time.

Dental Veneers

So how do veneers work?

Veneers are a more conservative treatment where lesser amount of the tooth, which may be a paper-thin layer, needs to be removed in order to place a veneer. Usually only a thin portion of the enamel is removed without having to touch the core or back of the tooth. Made up of wafer-thin porcelain, a veneer is attached to the front of your tooth. The color of the material (porcelain) is matched to your natural teeth. Thus veneers help to give your teeth a refresshed and natural look without any complicated procedure undergone.

How do we at our Dallas office prepare your venners?

Your veneers come customised, suited to the shape, size and alignment of your tooth. Made of porcelain, they are a wafer-thin metarial fitted to the front of your tooth. Therefore, they do not work on covering the edges of your tooth.

You may get your veneers made of resin composite material also. However, porcelain veneers better resist food stains as well as mimic the light reflecting properties of your teeth as compared to the resin composite ones. The procedure followed for manufacturing dental venners in our Dallas office is a clear one:

  • X-rays and possibly impressions of your mouth and teeth are taken to determine the shape and structure of your veneer
  • After hving the impressions at hand, we would require less than two weeks to get your veneers done!
  • About 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface is removed, which is nearly equal to the thickness of the veneer to be made. In order to trim off the enamel, your dentist will use local anesthetic methods to numb the area
  • A special cement is applied to the veneer to place it on your tooth. After positioning it, your dentist applies a special light beam, which activates the chemicals, causing the cement to harden very quickly. We call this step ‘Bonding’.

Just keep a few things in mind:

  • You cannot afford to be in the habit of Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Only small damages can be corrected. Grossly damaged or broken tooth (of which only a minor portion remains) cannot be fixed with veneers
  • Whitening and bleaching treatments generally do not work on this restoration work. So, maintaining oral hygiene and good eating habits is a must.

Since Lone Star is a family dentistry, any member of your house who needs to get dental veneers in Dallas, can walk into our dental office or simply reach us at (469) 778-4723 or email us to know more about the procedure. Visit our office to have a glimpse of the ambience and other facilities that even your kids might enjoy when you are sitting in front of your dentist!

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